Marketing Information

Your investment in Steamer advertising reaches prospects in over 9 counties: Chowan, Camden, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Bertie  Washington, Gates, Hertford, and Martin.

OUR fans can be YOUR customers!

Our front office staff will help you select the most effective advertising program for you. Call the Steamers office at 252-482-4080 to set up an appointment.


Ballpark Billboards & Premium Signs
- Baseballs along the concourse
- Full Size, Half Size & Double Size signs on the outfield fence
- Specialized Placement on Dugout Tops, Scoreboard Top Panel, Foul Poles,   Customer Service Stand, & Standings Board

Printed Promotional Products
- Magnet Schedules, Pocket Schedule Panels, Poster Schedule, Baseball Cards,  Souvenir Program Ads, Team Photo, Rack Card Schedules

Team Apparel Sponsorships
- Staff Shirts
- Batting Practice Jerseys

Internet Advertising
- (rates for ads displayed yearly, monthly & seasonally)
- Commercials on Game Broadcasts of the CPL Webcast

Baseball Summer Camp Sponsorships
- Camp T-Shirts

Gameday Sponsorships
- Corporate Night Sponsorships
- Various Pre-Game festivities
- Plays during the game (foul ball sponsor, call to the bullpen, etc.)
- Lucky Program Ad Announcements/Prizes
- Sponsored giveaway products at the entrance
- Between inning, on field games
- Fireworks Show
- Victory Balls

The Edenton Steamers franchise was created in 1997 by the Coastal Plain League, a summer collegiate league based in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1999, the franchise was purchased by Edenton Steamers, Inc. with contributions from local citizens to continue collegiate baseball competition at Historic Hicks Field. The ballpark was designated a National Historic Site in 1996, recognizing it as a Works Progress Administration project, the last remaining wooden grandstand in North Carolina, and hallowed ground where many baseball legends played in the fourties and fifties.

The league features 14 teams playing in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and gives college players the chance to refine their skills with wooden bats. Players are housed with local families for the summer and many alumni have professional careers launched in part by their summer league experience.

For more information on the Coastal Plain League, visit the league website at

Gates, Martin, & Currituc